What is your inbox handicap?

I must admit that for years I've been a bit of a pack rat. I consistently question whether I will need things later or not. Thankfully, God granted me a friend that began rubbing off on me and over the past couple of years I've adapted her system that "if you don't use it in a year's time you need to get rid of it" and its working for me. Sounds like something Mrs. Less Clutter, Less Noise would say, right? She inspires me too.

What is sad is that the same unruly behavior has been true for my inbox. Its cluttered. I have a tremendous "inbox handicap." At any given time I have over 50 emails in my inbox but the clutter grows as I'm sometimes unsure if I should file or trash email messages right away. I need to kill the inbox - daily. Tim Sanders wrote a piece on this very thing. His challenge is to kill your inbox, managing it with excellence.

So I'm curious... Do you have an inbox handicap? Have you mastered killing it everyday? Find a good system that works for you? Please share.

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  1. # Anonymous TimJ

    Well let me start off by saying that I now get all my different email accounts forwarded to GMAIL. yeah, the best thing that I've come across. one feature is the Archive button. select a message, if you might want to look at it, or search for it later- Archive it. It removes it from the inbox but saves it if you ever do need it.
    If you get Gmail- you can get other accounts forwarded there- and send from the different accounts all in one place. Accessible from anywhere is definitely a perk. plus you have an account to save documents and other things online as well.
    Not trying to talk you into it, just telling you what works for me!  

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