The Prayer of Terrace

I've started praying a new prayer. I've prayed for wisdom (like Solomon), strength (like Joshua) and even blessings (like the former superstar Jabez) but now I'm praying a new prayer. Here it is...

"God, grant me creativity."

I think we as leaders of the church need to be on the forefront of innovation and all things creative. Most of the time we just don't ask for God's help. How much do you consult the creator? Remember... "the heavens, the earth... he created all these." Amazing. Breath-taking. This new prayer I'm praying acknowledges that he is the MASTER. I'm turning to him for inspiration.

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2 Responses to “The Prayer of Terrace”

  1. # Anonymous Chuck

    We can market this thing! Prayer of Terrace bracelets, Bibles, t-shirts... Oooooh, the creative juices are a'flowin'  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Chuck - You are so...original! :=)  

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