Why My Alma Mater Rocks

Next week I'll be heading home to South Carolina.  Oooh yea.   Not only will I see my family but I will see my Columbia family too.
 I have to give a personal shoutout to my alma mater.  They believe in their alumni and invest so much in their spiritual formation that they have put together an all-expenses paid retreat for youth workers (which is next week!), complete with some quality time with each of the youth ministry professors. I've been looking forward to this retreat for months.  

I have never been more thankful to God that he sent me to such a great university. The friendships, mentoring and spiritual investment that I've experienced have been worth every penny!   For more info on Columbia International University, go here

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2 Responses to “Why My Alma Mater Rocks”

  1. # Blogger Laura

    I couldn't agree more...have fun in Columbia! (and an offering of Maurice's sauce couldn't hurt any, right?)  

  2. # Anonymous Buddy

    Wow. That's awesome. I visited Columbia once and really respected the Dean of Men from my time with him back in like 1994.

    That's a great example for other schools to follow.  

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