Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • Great weekend services at Crossroads.
  • We began a series on HOPE. Boy do people (including myself) need to hear messages about that during these cahrazy times.
  • Several guests in our services on Sunday. I'm amazed at how we always manage to see several new families each and every week!
  • Sunday we were also sporting some new banners in our lobby and on-stage. We had a little help from a cool designer friend of mine when we were putting them together. He does incredible work...
  • We had a huge party after our services for the entire church to celebrate the new season at Crossroads. It was a good time - no doubt. I was asked to emcee the thing. I know people get tired of hearing me... but I love the mic!
  • Saw Madea Goes to Jail on Sunday afternoon. The movie is soda-through-the-nose funny. I laughed a LOT. Now I want to collect all the DVDs. Halleluyer!
  • It snowed today! Not an overwhelming amount... but enough to close everything. Of course, here they close with just the mention of snow.
  • Spent the day working from home.
  • Fortunately I had milk, bread and eggs. Why do people even say that? I guess that means you can make french toast if you get snowed in. ;=)
  • Looking at a couple more homes this week. Fingers crossed. Saying a prayer. Hopefully this search will come to an end soon.
  • Registering my team this week for YSOneDay. Good stuff.
  • A friend of mine made me a buttload of brownies yesterday. Trying my best not to eat them!
  • Launching two new services this weekend. I cannot wait!
  • We're launching a new 20-somethings gathering on Saturday evening called Kairos, which is unlike anything in our area. Its going to be sweet! We're also launching a new student service on Sunday evening, which I'm also very excited about.
  • Working on our summer missions opportunity. Announcing it this Sunday evening at our new student service!
  • Connected with this guy on twitter tonight. He has the last name "Crawford."
  • We both use to tell people in school that our cousin was Cindy Crawford. HA!
  • Had an awesome time on the youth worker retreat last week. I did not want that thing to end.
  • I keep running across blogger after blogger that has decided to take a break. Makes me wonder if people are still reading as many blogs or if that has declined too.
  • Speaking of blogging... did you download your free e-book from the Exponential Network? Lots of great insights on leadership.
  • Halleluyer!
  • Just read a great article by Bert Decker about speakers and twitter. Great insight on communication. Love his stuff!
  • Its frigid outside. Roads are slick. Wonder if staff meeting will be cancelled in the morn...
  • Crawford OUT!
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