A Short Blog Story

Last week newsman Bob Holmes, who I use to work with at WMHK-FM, phoned me. While we were chatting he told me that he had been reading my blog. He said, "you know, its funny because I recall a conversation I had with you years ago before blogging was popular." I said, "Oh yea?" Here was his recollection of the conversation:

Bob: "Hey Terrace, have you ever heard of a blog?"


Me: "Um... no. What's that?"

Bob (thinking to himself): Boy, the young guy doesn't know what blogging is... I feel good.

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  1. # Anonymous Brian Alexander

    I remember my first blog. I believe it was a live journal. Sentence updates at a time. If you have some free time you can take a look, and I also had a xanga. I can't believe some people still use that. Compare those two blogs to my current. So much better! ;)



    Taking a look at those I can't believe I even had a blog back in 2004..seems like such a long time ago now.

    You can comment back on my blog or shoot me an email with some comments. brian@bfalexander.com  

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