Launching New Services

This is a pretty big weekend for us at Crossroads. We are launching two new worship experiences, one more for 20-somethings and the other for students in middle and high school. The 20-somethings service [called "Kairos"- its greek!] is launching on Saturday evening while the youth service will be launching on Sunday evening. I'm excited about both but I'm certainly intrigued and cannot wait to attend the 20-somethings service (basically because I get to support and enjoy -- not lead!).

This is really the relaunch of the service for older students (20-somethings, college, singles) that use to be held (last year) on a different night. Kairos is a unique, alternative worship service that would appeal to those who love community, the arts, and worship through different expressions - not just sermons, corporate singing, etc. The creative team met recently after hearing a buzz from people around our community that if the worship experience were held on a different evening they would attend. Soon the relaunch was announced and we'll be kicking off the new season this Saturday evening.

If you are in the area (or traveling through) and would like more information, please email me. We would also appreciate your prayers for all our weekend services. We'll be thinking of you too!

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