my post 665 plus one

This is my 666th post.  A few days ago I posted this asking for ideas on what I should do with this post.  I didn't get many responses (in fact, most of the responses I got on were on twitter) but have I've decided to let you write it.  Feel free to leave comments here to expose the devil for who he is... make him mad by expressing what Christ means to you...or has done for you... make it brief, go long... its all yours!


7 Responses to “my post 665 plus one”

  1. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    Satan, YOU SUCK.  

  2. # Anonymous sean malarkey

    Come to the dark side Terrace.

    Its nice and warm down here.

    (Sean Malarkey)  

  3. # Anonymous zak satan hatin' white



  4. # Blogger james craig

    maybe you could do a post about god already beating satan and his power and that with christ on your side that 666 has no fear or meaning to you!

    or you could just still go with the satan you suck....ballz  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    satan u looserrrrrrrr  

  6. # Blogger HammerHead

    Satan is real folks and looks to keep you away from the Grace that God has for you. Put on the full armor (Eph. 6 10-17) everyday.

    He may knock me down but I get right back up with the power of Jesus hand.  

  7. # Blogger THE(lovely)RESA

    ohhhh snappedy-snap!

    "he is my Messiah... Tell the devil, he's a liar. come on light the fire. let's take it higher......" -rappa  

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