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So I'm totally sucked into this new season of American Idol.   I haven't really been sucked in at all since Season 2 when Clay Aiken was totally robbed of the title.  We all know he won. This season I've even been voting.  Who did I vote for last night you ask?  Where have you been? I've been talking about it for weeks now on twitter and here on my site.  GOKEY.   I cast at least 50 votes his way last night.  50 is about all I can stand.  After that I just feel like I'm wasting my time or begin to feel like the most awkward of teenagers.   

After last night's performances I'm predicting that Michael Sarver and Megan Joy Corkrey are going to be sent home.  I would have said Jorge Nunez but we all know the entire island of Puerto Rico will vote for him. At least, that is what I predict if America's votes determine things.  There is a buzz today that a "new rule" will be revealed tonight on American Idol... and word has it that as part of the new rule the judges will have the power to veto America's vote -- should America get it wrong. The executive producer of the show even hinted at this new rule in an interview earlier today with Ryan Seacrest.

What will the new rule be?  Who will go home?  We'll see tonight...Drop me some comments and let me know your thoughts.  

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11 Responses to “American Idol”

  1. # Anonymous Nick

    I think Gokey will win too.
    But I protest your opinion on Clay Aiken because I proudly sent multiple votes toward Reuben. He won fair and square! :)

    I think the entire show will be ruined if the new rule is that the judges can overrule America's choice, I think they should make a rule that you can only vote once, that would be better. It would cut down on dialing machines.

    If the rule is that the judges can overrule America's vote, it further proves my post about it being "marketing tv rather than reality tv" from the other day.  

  2. # Blogger Rob

    I'm loving AI this year. Some great preformers. I liked Danny but I also liked Kris. Good stuff.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Honestly i think the dark horse will be Anoop Desai, if you check him out on youtube he was in a group called Clefhangers, and he is an AMAZING singer, i think hes just working thru some things. but i agree Gokey will win.

    My top 3 prediction is this.
    Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai and Alexis Grace  

  4. # Anonymous Garry

    I agree that Gokey wins - But Adam Lambert will make it close and Allison Iraheta will round out the final three  

  5. # Blogger Robert

    I like Danny to win... but have been voting for Kris... he is one of the worship leaders at Rick Bezet's church in Arkanasas...  

  6. # Blogger freddy

    I am all about some Megan! I knew she was going to win from the first time I saw her before the commercial break, and before she even sang. (Just ask my wife who is not as excited as I am when it is Megan's turn to sing :) I just saw how they spotlighted her and I said, "Yup, that is the next Idol". Then we came back from commercial and I heard her sing.

    So anyway...after the season, come back and see who called it on this blog bro! See you Thursday.  

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