Rock Star Culture

This video, Ignatius, was conceived as a satire piece presenting the unhealthy rock star culture that is growing inside Christendom. Plain and simple, this is how*not* to do youth ministry.

Produced by Travis Hawkins
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16 Responses to “Rock Star Culture”

  1. # Blogger Matt

    I know he did not say that God wanted to raise up a "generation of flamers". That was hilarious.  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Matt - Yes, he did. Here are a few priceless moments for me: prayer lattes, the bible mantra (nod to Osteen) and the "bow your eyes, close your heads" [which I've actually said by accident several times]


  3. # Anonymous Kevin

    WOW! That was super funny! I think I peed my pants a little.  

  4. # Blogger james craig

    my favorite part was when he asked the kids to stand if they were having issues with sexual immorality. and then asked everyone to open their eyes and look at them. that was awesome. and i also peed my pants alittle  

  5. # Blogger Tim Liu


    too funny  

  6. # Anonymous Ellen

    Sent this to a couple of people here in Canada... and I think that they're sending it on to others. So much is too true...This was so stinkin' funny. LOVED the prayer lattes.  

  7. # Blogger LatinCruz

    Terrace, you now owe me about $3000 for the new computer monitor, the CPU, Computer desk, and carpet that I ruined when I sprayed Dr. Pepper all over the place from laughing. That is HILLARIOUS!!!! I love the line, "The Bible says to judge a teacher by his fruit, it doesn't say what to do if he is a fruit!" I so need to post this on my blog as well.  

  8. # Blogger Martha

    Hilarious and it makes a great point. fabulous.  

  9. # Anonymous Dennis

    That was pretty funny. Unfortunately, many of us think we have to be rock stars to influence young people. I'm sure glad that's not true.  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    He said, "I want to see students stand up in their classrooms and unashamedly say, 'I am a flamer and I'm proud.'"

    Very funny, thanks for posting.


  11. # Blogger The Metcalf's

    "While teens are messing with their facebook page, I'm wiping toddler vomit off my shirt!".......can we say, "AMANDA".  

  12. # Anonymous Kristen Duncan

    That was too funny TC. So right though. My favorite line is "The Bible says to judge a teacher by his fruit, it doesn't say what to do if he is a fruit!" HILARIOUS!  

  13. # Anonymous ChristianPF

    man I got quite a kick out of that... thanks!  

  14. # Anonymous adambarnett

    Generation of flamers... wow!

    I've updated my need-to-read blog site and think you'll like my description of you:  

  15. # Blogger Rob

    wow, that was epic. I laughed so hard I had to close my office door. At the same time, I couldn't watch at certain moments because they were so spot-on embarrassing. That's a prop to how well made this clip is. Sadly, we probably all know some people like this. Just surf through GodTube and you'll see several Ignatius wannabes. Thanks for posting.  

  16. # Blogger Joshua Street

    So funny and so scary I watched in twice...great post!!!  

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