Prayer for Orphans

One of the things Crossroads is passionate about is serving orphans. We have been working with a ministry in Russia and send teams to minister in orphanages as often as 3 times annually.  We are actually sending off a team this Friday.  Many of our people also sponsor the orphans personally. I wanted to share this with you not only as a little more insight into who we are but also to ask for your prayers at this time.  

Our church has just been notified that government officials are closing the door on teams working within the orphanages.  A year ago the parent ministry we work with here in the US received resistance from the officials in Russia but our ministries were granted approval with more stringent rules and restrictions concerning our involvement.  Now we are being told that this could quite possibly be the final team we send and sponsors are being asked to write goodbye letters to their children. It is really a sad situation and we are asking for prayer. God has done a tremendous work through these ministries and even though the door may be closed on us we know God is still in control and we can entrust the orphans to Him. Would you please pray with us about this situation?   

You can find updates as we get them through our Facebook group. I will also try to pass along an update here on the blog if I receive new information.  Thank you for your support.

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