Latest Book Recommends

These books were recommended to me this week by close friends. I've added them to my wish list & reading list.

The Book of God - This was recommended to me this week by a friend who said his teenager read this novel within a couple of days and found it very moving. I've never even heard of it. He has since given a copy to several people and just from his explanation it made me want to leave the conversation and go immediately to my local bookstore to purchase. Click here to check it out online.

The Art of Woo - I had a phone conversation with a friend the other evening and he suggested I read this book. What he didn't know is that I had already considered picking it up since Strength Finder identified "woo" as my strong suite. Click here to check it out online.

Refuel - This is the latest book penned by Doug Fields. I have several friends who gave it great ratings in their reviews and I can't wait to get my own copy. I have another friend who created a teaching series based on the book and if I like the book I may very well do the same. Click here to check it out online.

Any others I should add to my list?

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4 Responses to “Latest Book Recommends”

  1. # Blogger Carolynn

    They Called Me White Jesus by Bill Rieser, coming out May 1 by Moody Publishers. Check out the trailer on YouTube (search for Bill Rieser)  

  2. # Blogger Josh(ua) Treece

    Is the Art of Woo Ric Flair's autobiography?


  3. # Blogger Rob

    You prob have read these but...

    Mad Church Disease by Ann Jackson.
    Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  

  4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @All - thanks for the recommends. Josh, yes.


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