$5,000 Giveaway This Christmas

Can you use $5,000 this Christmas? Watch the video... and read on.

My friend,
Tim Schmoyer, is doing something really cool this Christmas. He's written a brand-new ebook on how to walk you and your team of leaders through a 30-step process to discovering what God's vision is for your unique ministry context and he's planning to give a portion of the proceeds (up to $5,000!) from the profit of the book to a youth worker this Christmas!

All you have to do to enter is
submit a quick video and tell your story about how you could use the money by December 9, 2011. I would love to submit my own video (I mean, we're talking about big dollas here!), but Tim asked me to be a judge. =) I'm honored to serve... and can't wait to hear your stories.

Go [here
] to read ALL of the details and guidelines for this giveaway and to purchase the ebook.

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