The Queen Launches YouTube Channel

I have seen it all. The London Associated Press released the news that Queen Elizabeth, the 81-year-old British monarch, has launched her own channel on YouTube.

The Palace said she "keeps up with new ways of communicating with people and was hoping to reach a wider, and younger, audience through the popular video-sharing web site."

The palace began posting archived and recent footage of the queen and other royalty on the Royal Channel on YouTube immediately, with plans to add new videos regularly.

The queen plans to send out her annual Christmas message through the channel at 3pm on Christmas day. Officials say the Christmas message will urge people to care for the vulnerable and those excluded from society. She also plans to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by the armed forces.

"The queen always keeps abreast with new ways of communicating with people," Buckingham Palace said in a statement. "She has always been aware of reaching more people and adapting the communication to suit. This will make the Christmas message more accessible to younger people and those in other countries."

Click here to access the Royal Channel on YouTube.

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