Rethinking the KJV

I honestly cannot believe the content of this vid. This guy cannot be serious. Of ALL the arguments I've heard for KJV only, THIS one takes the cake. I tried not to laugh, promise.

Wow. I will not only rethink the KJV now, but any inclination to pee sitting down. Comments welcome.

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6 Responses to “Rethinking the KJV”

  1. # Anonymous Zak Zak Zaky Zak

    we should pisseth on his face-eth...

    I'm sorry, that was bad...


  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    OMG... this is the result I got when I plugged "pisseth" into Crosswalk's bible search:


    I agree that our culture's trend to emasculate our men is serious and problematic... I don't think it has anything to do with whether they stand up or not...  

  3. # Blogger jasdye

    i read the nlt nowadays. my church read from the kjv when i was a little child, and then stopped, switching over to the niv. i stopped pissing against the wall a when i was a child.

    i could see the correlation. the man pees on walls like a true man.  

  4. # Blogger Tim Liu

    i liked when the church member said "amen!"  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I completely thought this was joke. By the end of the video I was like, "That wasn't real. That's just some Bible College students having fun. That wasn't a real sermon at a real church." But then I found the church online and found the complete sermon. Crazy!  

  6. # Anonymous JL

    That was crazy funny and kind of scary too.  

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