The Nines: Reflections

Had a great time yesterday participating in #theNines conference (did I hear a niner in there?) According to my analytics hundreds gathered here to watch the simulcast. And why wouldn't they? I mean... over 70 speakers in one day. Whew! Talk about drinking from a fire hydrant.
Overall I felt the conference was a hit! In fact, #theNines topped twitter yesterday (folks, that is bound to happen when you've got over 10,000 viewers tweeting).
For those who hung out with me most of the day, thank you. It was a great day and I especially enjoyed meeting many of you for the first time. And if you hung around until the close of the day you heard the announcement that February 03, 2010 Leadership Network & Catalyst will present another online experience - a conference of new voices. For those who missed it, sources tell me the video messages will be made available to the public very soon.
Bottom line: the folks at Leadership Network and Catalyst worked hard to bring a free, quality online conference and they deserve some major props!
If you had a favorite presenter, favorite quote or takeaway or favorite thing about #thenines you'd like to share, please leave it in the comments. (I'll personally be sharing, reflecting and processing in the comments too)

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4 Responses to “The Nines: Reflections”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It was awesome. I wasn't able to listen all day but I heard enough that my brain felt completely full by the end! My favorite video was definitely Anne Jackson's. I was not familiar with her before and I'm looking forward to reading her book.  

  2. # Anonymous Mike Filicicchia

    I LOVED Anne Jackson and Rick McKinley. I posted my thoughts at, but I want to hear YOUR insights, Terrace!!  

  3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    I thought it was a great day. Overall, a good experience. I also enjoyed Anne Jackson & Rick McKinley. I felt their candid talks were very inspirational. Two others that I really thoroughly enjoyed were Steven Furtick and Margaret Feinberg.

    While I agree with you, Mike (after reading your post), that in many of the talks I learned nothing new - most of the content offered really great reminders.

    I found it interesting to hear many of the common themes throughout the day - for instance: taking care of your character, taking care of yourself, etc.

    I'm really still processing most of the talks. Because I offered the simulcast on my site I was a distracted by the chat, tweets, etc. Great to have these platforms to share & dialogue.

    At the end of the day I was exhausted. Saturated with goodness. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.


  4. # Anonymous Dave Travis

    Thanks for hosting the conference Terrace. I promise the survey and links will be up within a week.
    A few technical issues to be solved.  

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