#Orange11 Speaker Notes - Jeff Manion

The life of ministry is always challenging. Sometimes we get stuck in the land between.
  • Jeff Manion wrote the book "The Land Between"
  • Challenges and periods of chaos I call "seasons of the land between"
  • Exodus 3:8 ("out of" and "into" - nothing was said about the desert, the in between)
  • God has a deep affection for you but may not prevent you from going through the desert
  • God may always be faithful to rescue you from the desert but He may not rescue you in the desert
  • Water crisis: water was contaminated and undrinkable (Ex 15)
  • Food crisis (Ex 16)
  • Another water crisis? (Ex 17)
  • Some of us are sick of our situation in the land between
  • The land between is fertile ground for transformational growth. It is also where faith goes to die.
  • Even when you are stuck its your move.
  • God wants to know if we will trust Him.
  • God attempts to transform us from "the people of slavery" to "the people of God." From desert to plenty.
  • The cliche "Time heals all wounds" is not true!
  • Their are choices made in the land between that will effect us for the rest of our lives.
  • I don't have to invite complaints to show up.
  • Complaints move in... and resist eviction.
  • Trust must replace complaints.
  • Complaints and trust are incompatible roommates.
  • May you discover that He is at His best when life is at its worst.
This post contains my notes from the general session at the Orange Conference.

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