#Orange11 Speaker Notes - Doug Fields

When you become a "spotlight leader" everyone wins!
  • A new perspective is often needed to see clarity
  • Those of us that work in the church are good at a lot of things but we are not very good at developing leaders
  • No one wants to be identified as a self-perservation leader
  • A spotlight leader is one who puts others in the spotlight
  • 3 general categories of a spotlight leader: (1) they are secure (2) they are dedicated to searching (3) they are servants.
  • Jim Burns said to Doug "I want you to focus on your writing so that you literally make my books irrelevant."
  • A leader makes conscious decisions
  • A spotlight leader will make decisions at their own expense to push others into the spotlight
  • Why can't we tweet failures and struggles? Nobody shares that stuff. Church leaders should tweet honest stuff.
  • The problem is that we have believed the lie that bigger is better.
  • So many leaders today have a depth of insecurity that they constantly feed
  • A spotlight leader looks around at those in their influence and helps them to not only discover what is good in them but helps them to make it great
  • People around you are just waiting to be discovered
  • Who are you threatened by? Do you have the desire to see anyone become more successful than you?
  • Servants are rarely ever recognized
  • Why do we see other ministries as competition?
  • When you become a spotlight leader everyone wins!

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