Drew Carey's Debut on Price is Right


I anxiously awaited the season premiere of The Price is Right (which took forever to get here btw!) and it finally came yesterday with Drew Carey making his debut as the new host. I thought I'd share my thoughts on the show today on the blog.

Nothing about the show changed much. The colors of the set were probably the biggest change I noticed. I don't know that I expected radical change either. I mean, this is TPIR we know and love. Drew took the stage and the audience went nuts. Of course, they always seem to go nuts when Barker took the stage too.

Drew did a great job considering it was his first time. He seemed fairly comfortable and did a better job than I would have. Actually, it was the contestants who seemed disoriented to me. And the camera men. Some of the contestants didn't know where to go when they were on stage and Drew tried to be patient. Camera men should know not to follow them if they are looking like idiots but thats just me. Guess it made for good TV? One time was particuarly funny. At the first showcase showdown someone had just spun the 'big wheel' and didn't stand on the red dot on the floor and Drew was like "on the spot! stand on the spot!" It was almost like he was saying, "guys, I know you've watched this show before. c'mon!"

Another funny thing was this lady was playing a game and one of the items she had to bid on was medicine caplets. She was like "uh, whats that again?" and Drew was like "It's for constipation!"

As promised, Drew signed off reminding us to have our pet spade or neutered. Overall, pretty good job Drew. Once you get comfortable, it'll be slick.

Click here for a video clip I found on YouTube that is of this guy competing in the Showcase Showdown with Bob Barker and thinks he must be bidding on the entire set. It's funny.

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