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I realize I may totally tune my blog audience out with this one but I must get this out. However, if you stick with me you may get a nugget or two out of this.

I am a pro-wrestling fan as many of you know and have been for years. Last night I watched the career of "The Nature Boy" (Ric Flair) come to an end at Wrestlemania.

I was stunned.

I guess I did not see it happening. I mean, Ric Flair retire? He is like many of us leaders who will probably never say die. We'll be in this thing called ministry until we draw our last breath.

On Saturday evening he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Ok, that could have been my first clue. However, I still did not see it coming.

He was to wrestle Shawn Michaels (my personal favorite, who I actually met two years ago!) in a career-threatening match. (The Chairman, Vince, made a stipulation that if Ric lost, his career would end.) Ok, that should have been my second clue. There were about 35.7 more clues along the way but again... never saw it coming.

The match was incredible. Shawn and Ric both delivered the best matches of their careers... and thats how Ric wanted it.

In the very last moment of the match Shawn was to deliver his finishing move and he said to Ric "I'm sorry. I love you" dropped Ric with a super-kick (aka "sweet chin music") and pinned him.

In reflection I thought "There is no better way to go. He entered the Hall of Fame and wrestled one of his best friends on the biggest stage of them all." Wow.

This actually made me think about how I want to finish my career. What legacy do I want to leave? If I were to write my own E-True Hollywood Story how would it conclude? I know some of you reading this blog post may be decades away from finishing, but thinking about the end is certainly in order here.

I definitely want to be still working for the Lord in my final years. I want to be serving Christ in some capacity (who knows what that'll look like at the time) and it would be incredible to be serving alongside my best friends.

How do you want to finish?

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  1. # Blogger Len

    http://ricflairfinance.com/ home of the Figure Four process. :-)  

  2. # Anonymous jason

    A wrestling fan? You're alright Crawford. :)  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice post about wrestling sport....I am a big fan of it..

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