Ten Secrets...

My blogging friend, Judy Gregory, shared these ten secret needs that you'll never hear a student say they have: (I think this is very applicable for pastors and planters as well)

1. I need to FEEL like you really WANT TO BE WITH ME.
2. I need ENCOURAGEMENT, probably more than I care to admit.
3. I need you to REMEMBER my name. It's my most valuable possession.
4. I need you to ask me about my HOPES, DREAMS, FAMILY AND LIFE.
5. I need SPRINKLINGS of WISDOM, but not too much. We are all educated way beyond our level of obedience.
6. I need you to CHALLENGE me to stay in the game.
7. When I mess up, I need you to not ABANDON me.
8. I need you to INVITE me to be a part of YOUR life.
9. I need you NOT to always have an AGENDA.
10.I need you to give me appropriate HUGS and tell me that you LOVE me ... A LOT!

(ht to Judy Gregory)

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