Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • Its the Manic Monday Minute.
  • Last week of somewhat normal schedule. My schedule is about to get chaotic.
  • Kent Shaffer had a great article you should read on standby power stealing from your church.
  • Had a very relaxing Father's Day with a few friends.
  • Visited ForeFront last week for a service. Love Vince Antonucci and the guys there. If I weren't on staff at a church I'd probably want to join their church. Where would you go if you weren't at your church?
  • Weather was beautiful earlier tonight (temp great!)
  • Can't wait to get a copy of the Whiteboard DVD. I'm ready to listen to the messages again (from Whiteboard) to see what I missed. Have you ordered one?
  • Been VERY smoky here lately. We're getting smoke from the wild fires in NC and now our own Chesapeake, VA.
  • I sang the National Anthem at a baseball game tonight.
  • We won the game (10-0)... which was quite a feat considering the team hasn't one hardly any of their games this year.
  • When I arrived home my street was flooded... from all the rain!
  • On Saturday evening I attended the internet campus.
  • Perry Noble was the guest speaker for the One Prayer series.
  • Perry threw it down... as usual -- a great message.
  • Welcome to my newest tweets. Thanks for following me.
  • Begin a massive World Changers project this Thursday. I'm coordinating the project for Norfolk, VA.
  • Had quite the unproductive afternoon today.
  • Someone moved our painting supplies (which I plan to use tomorrow) and didn't tell me where the new location was.
  • I spent all afternoon making calls to staff and looking high and low for them. Quite frustrating... but finally found them!
  • Got a call earlier today from a Christian company who wanted to 'pray for me' and my minstry. (insert small rant here...) Sorry, but it seemed to much like a marketing ploy. I may have come off rude.
  • Anyone else get these and feel this way?
  • My good friend, Josh, has a cool movie tourney going on. Very creative.
  • Saw Kung Fu Panda last week. It was awesome -- very funny!
  • Wow... its raining REALLY hard now.
  • Soon heading to bed.
  • Peace out.

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