Tippers vs. Gyppers

Some of the TMZ spies at a few Hollywood Restaurants reported a few of the tippers and gyppers in one of their recent news releases. They reported the worst tipper to be David Beckham, while the best tipper to be Ryan Seacrest -- once leaving a reported $500 tip for a $100 tab.

I bring the issue of tipping and gypping up because "Christians" are notorious for gypping...which = sad.

I received a call recently from a good friend who has been burned by the church and really wants nothing to do with it. She (a current waitress) called me one evening as I so happened to be leaving a very fine restaurant. When I told her my location she immediately asked me how much of a tip I left. Even though this was a personal question I felt her inquiry further underscored my belief that a good tip is a good witness.

Last week I returned to that very fine restaurant (which I tend to frequent) and I actually received poor service. Even though the service was poor (on that night) I knew that the relationship I'm building with the waitstaff and my witness in general were far too important not to leave a good tip.

So why did I mention the celebs you ask? Well, just as they are well-known members of society so are some of us as leaders -- and sometimes, well, Christians can be spotted a mile away. So be careful... as you might have a TMZ spy (or someone who has been burned by the church) around taking copious mental notes of your actions.

So... are you a tipper or a gypper?

(source: TMZ)

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12 Responses to “Tippers vs. Gyppers”

  1. # Blogger Bill Wolfe

    I actually love to give big tips. Something about it makes me feel all happy inside knowing I hopefully blessed my server a little that day.

    I have a friend that actually leaves their biggest tips when they get the worst service. It feels reverse of what most would think, but they figure a big tip might be the one thing that the bad server might need that day to turn their day around.

    Happy tipping!  

  2. # Blogger MCC

    I'm a pretty good tipper....not 5x the bill, but still good. I usually do around 25-30%. I leave the standard 15% if it's poor service.

    Never thought of leaving a large tip if it's bad service. Might have to try that.  

  3. # Blogger Brandi McCants

    I think as a christian we should leave the type of tip that best reflects us and not the server.  

  4. # Blogger Jonathan

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