Perry Noble Rocks Your Calling

Whiteboard was an incredible event and if you missed it the DVDs are available now for purchase. Here is a little preview of Perry Noble speaking on your calling. It was intense (in a good way)!

Perry Noble @ WIBO from Churchy Media on Vimeo

Click here to visit the WhiteBoard DVD site.
Click here for more on Perry Noble.

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2 Responses to “Perry Noble Rocks Your Calling”

  1. # Blogger Judy Gregory

    Thanks Terrace ... you just cost me 69 bucks. Seriously though, great clip. Let me know which ones are a must see first.  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    Ha! Great to hear Judes... believe me, great messages @ WiBo. Perry was one of my faves of course. They (speakers) are all different in style -- but all good. It was an incredible event.


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