Resign Today?

I read a post on Tony Morgan's blog recently where he shared with his readers Perry Noble's challenge that has messed so many people up [in a good way]:

"If you're not working your dream job, resign today!"

While I highly respect both Tony and Perry's words, I'd encourage you to do just the opposite. DO NOT RESIGN TODAY.

I'd like to offer some thoughts you should consider first before firing off that resignation letter. Hear me out...

Don't ever make any move without prayer. So many people make stupid mistakes without praying a lick about it. Hello? God should be consulted before you make a move. I don't care what anyone says. No matter how much you respect them. You should pray first. We must rely upon the Holy Spirit to lead us in the way we should go.

Every job that I've accepted I have felt called to. I agree with Perry, if you don't feel called to a position you shouldn't accept it and if you are currently "in it" [and don't feel called to it] you should resign today. But consider this... While I have felt called to every position I've held, there have been some jobs that never had the "dream job" feel to it. Ministry is tough guys! There will be days where you might even question your calling. You might feel passion-less. It happens! There is one thing that I'm sure of... every job I've held I've felt called to. Yes, I've already stated that. Its worth repeating. I've actually had a couple of pastor-friends along the way question my calling (lots who supported at the same time by the way) and even tell me that I should resign. I did not listen to them. While I appreciated their counsel, I believed one thing for sure... YOU HAVE TO TRUST IN YOUR CALLING. Here is a thought I want to share with you that God has taught me:

"You may not be called to a church (ministry, company, etc.) to change IT, you may be called to a church (ministry, job, etc.) that will change YOU."

We believe (and preach!) that God started a work in his people and will be faithful to complete that work in them... but we do not often consider that WE (as ministers, pastors, leaders) are the ones He is referring to as well! Your job may suck! You may endure the hardest-things- ever in your role where you are... but God may have you exactly where he wants you!

I remember chatting with a youth pastor in a mega-church years ago who told me that he had written 4 (count 'em - 1, 2, 3, 4) resignation letters since he had been hired on. Four? Yes, four. Didn't I say that ministry was tough? Turns out that he was [called by God] to that position. In fact, he ended up staying on so long at that particular ministry that the church later called him to the senior pastorate. It has been absolutely amazing to watch God work IN his life.

Even though you may occasionally get bad counsel, it is important to seek it out. The scriptures say "there is safety in a multitude of counselors." So true. I have never made a decision to leave a job without consulting a multitude of people first. The scriptures say "multitude" so I'd encourage you to seek out 3 or 4 (@ minimum) persons that you respect and trust (to not only confide in but persons whose counsel you respect).

If you do these three things, there is NO WAY you could ever resign today. Before you fire off comments or emails to me, I want you to know that I understand that I went in a bit different direction than what Mr. Noble was saying; however, his challenge messed me up too... made me think... and warranted this post.

This is my prayer for you: May God lead you by his Holy Spirit, dear readers, and when you look back decades from now on all the roles you've served in may you see they were all dream jobs - chosen especially for YOU.

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6 Responses to “Resign Today?”

  1. # Blogger Gman


  2. # Blogger Joe

    I am going the opposite way. I am resigning from the career I had before into what God called me to be: teaching pastor.

    This is not a career change. This is not "let me switch careers because I hate what I do and I want to do something for the kingdom of God." This is not going to be easy. This is hard for me. I don't know how I am going to do it.

    So every time I speak in front of those who would hear. Every time I teach. Every time I preach. It is not of my own strength, brain power, wisdom or charisma, it is by God and God alone.

    It will be tough but God is my strength. My only hope that He will give me enough grace to finish well.  

  3. # Blogger Michael Bayne

    hey man, well thought out, that post got people THINKING...this s what I like about blogging, QUICK / HONEST thought! have a good week  

  4. # Blogger Eric and Brandi Ebbinghaus

    Thanks TC, I appreciate the thoughts. While I like the diehard approach of Perry and Tony, I think that your thoughts are more online with biblical stewardship and responsibility than the "resign now" approach.  

  5. # OpenID

    Good word man! Because of our similar situations I can relate. For whatever reason now-a-days, we forget about calling too easy. Thanks for the encouragement.  

  6. # OpenID joshrobinson

    Good word! I read the story about the staff meeting, wow is all I can say. I respect their high value for leadership. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and totally agree. Ministry is not always easy but it is being committed to following God's heart.  

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