The Woman Who Can't Forget

What did you eat for breakfast last Wednesday morning? How did you celebrate your birthday three years ago? I've watched several interviews with Jill Price, a lady who says she can remember every single thing (in great detail) that has happened to her since age 14. If you give Jill Price a date, within seconds she can tell you EVERYTHING about that day in amazing detail. Absolutely fascinating.

For 8 years scientists have been studying this medical mystery and just a few short months ago Price went public with her story. Since the world was introduced to her she has written a book and appeared on numerous television shows, including Oprah earlier this week, where she actually corrected research the producers of the show did on facts related to the accident in 1987 where "baby Jessica McClure" fell into a well and captured the nation's attention.

The 50,000 Pairs in 50 Days Challenge

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  1. # Blogger Tim

    Can you imagine being married to this person? My wife already remembers more than I would like her to... WOW!  

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