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I received an email from a frequent flyer here recently who said "how the heck do I subscribe to your blog?" This dear reader somehow missed the links to subscribe on the sidebar here but I'm so grateful he persisted and took the extra step to email me for the info. (I've since tried to make the links more visible.)

For those of you who aren’t subscribers yet, I’m about ready to save you a lot of time. How? Let me introduce you to Google Reader. I use it to track updates on close to 80 different websites each day. I get to choose what sites I subscribe to, and Google Reader lets me know whenever any of those sites has new content. No more surfing from site to site. All the content comes automatically to me. Isn't that the coolest thing you've ever heard of?

Ever wondered what this orange icon with the white radio wave-like symbol was all about? That’s an indication that the site you are visiting has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed available. If you have signed up to use Google Reader, you can just click on that button anywhere on the Web and you’ll have the opportunity to subscribe to the content. It’s simple…really simple.

1. Register for a Google Reader account.
2. Come back to my site and click the “subscribe by RSS” link.

That’s it. Now you know why they call it “really simple syndication.” Here’s the best part, you can also subscribe to other websites using your same Google Reader account. Let me recommend 10 friends (and some of my favorite feeds) to you:

Ben Arment - experience and innovation director for catalyst
Tim Schmoyer - best "how to" youth worker blogger i know
Zak White - executive pastor at connection church
Tony Morgan - simply strategic guy and cso for newspring
Josh Griffin - high school pastor at saddleback church
Mark Oestreicher - youth specialties pres
Clayton Bell - family pastor at every nation, tallahassee
Tim Stevens - executive pastor at granger church
Josh Treece - youth worker and master movie reviewer
Brad Ruggles - graphics designer and church planter in indiana

Well, you get the picture. You can subscribe to just about anything you’d like to know about using Google Reader and RSS feeds. The best part? It’s all FREE! I just saved you time and money. So go... subscribe.

**For additional blogger recommends check out my blogroll on the sidebar**

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  1. # Blogger Martha

    Honestly if they took Google Reader offline I think my head might explode. If I am away from the computer for even a couple of days it takes forever to catch up!  

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