Help Me Kem Meyer!

This is my current desktop. 3 people looked at my desktop today and shook their heads in disgust. I definitely need Less Clutter & Less Noise.

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6 Responses to “Help Me Kem Meyer!”

  1. # Blogger Shawna

    Wow. That is quite a cluttered desktop! Can you create a zip file and put similar files together and therefore reduce the amount on your desktop?  

  2. # Anonymous kim daniels

    there is this thing called a hard drive. you store files there.  

  3. # Blogger Shane Kennard

    I want to get under my desk to hide from that. Wow. It nearly made my brain shut down:0  

  4. # Blogger Kem


  5. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Shawna @Kim - yea, I know this. I have trouble with clutter occasionally. Ok, often.
    @Shane - Don't be afraid Shane.
    @Kem (the author of Less Clutter, Less Noise)- lol.


  6. # Blogger Dave Daniels

    Right Click on your desktop... Choose New Folder... name that folder INSANE DESKTOP... Put EVERYTHING on your desktop in the INSANE DESKTOP Folder.

    Go through it at your convenience, now pray and ask for forgiveness for abusing your Mac!!!! NOW.

    (typo in my 1st comment)  

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