Introducing Stand Still

I have worked with scores of mainstream artists over the years and have also worked with local talent too. A local band that I have been so impressed with is known as "Stand Still."

This high-energy worship band based in Virginia Beach is made up of a group of guys who love to jump around, go crazy and shout at the top of their lungs. At least, that is what their Facebook profile says. I can tell you firsthand that these guys (Jon, Andrew, Nic, Logan & Cameron) are the real deal and are passionate about uniting this generation in worship!

A few months ago I asked them to do a weekend event for our students and they brought their A-game. I have done ministry with these guys on numerous occasions and have booked them for my student ministry many times and I cannot help but recommend them to you. Check out their music on MySpace, book them for an event, and tell them TC sent you. :=)

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