Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • Great services this weekend at Crossroads. We served muffins to the entire congregation and gave out flowers to all mothers on Sunday. I love all the cool stuff we're doing.
  • We showed this sweet new vid from Igniter. Love those guys.
  • I was the announcement guy on Sunday in our weekend services. When I'm not preaching I'm the announcement guy or the prayer guy - in addition to being the producer guy.
  • Sunday I went nuts. Well, it looked as if I did anyway. My cue cards hit the floor and from there it was a bit of a train wreck but apparently it was hilarious! The congregation was dying. I was nervous as to how it was perceived but knowing that I made some people laugh is good enough for me. I certainly try to bring laughter to the world - we need it. Its o-so-good for us.
  • My alma mater is now promoting my blog on their website. Thanks guys! If you are an alum and fellow blogger let me know and I'll pass your URL onto them. Maybe they will promote yours too.
  • By the way, I saw my picture on their site too. I feel so famous...
  • Last time they used my picture for promo I saw it on a postcard they were using to promote the University. It was a picture of me and a professor having a chit-chat. I think I kept one of those postcards as a momento... :=)
  • While I'm at it, congrats to WMHK-FM - the radio station I use to work for - who just won a Dove Award for large market station of the year! Sinbad presented the award to them.
  • Weather was awesome yesterday. Not too bad today either.
  • Spent the afternoon over at my pastor's home. I need a new washer & dryer so I asked if I could do laundry over at his house. :=) He then spent time training me on Media Shout Version 4. We are so productive it ain't even funny.
  • A friend called me and said he drove an hour to see me and was at my house thinking I was throwing a party this evening. I wasn't home. We went out for dinner and had a grand ole' time catching up.
  • He gave me a free copy of a book by Greg Stier entitled "Venti Jesus Please." I plan to start reading it tomorrow.
  • Did you see the post about Ben Arment's new venture, Story? The dude just oozes creativity.
  • I updated my myspace page. First time in about 6 months. I need some new friends there - so add me if you like.
  • Ugggh! I cannot get rid of this cough! Its really annoying.
  • Speaking of annoying, twitter has been acting weird lately. Some of the coolest people I've been following have fallen out of my twitter (maybe I should say overboard?) Been trying to restore everyone. Apologies if you took a spill...
  • 3 of my very good friends have just accepted a new calling - church planting. Congrats to all 3. I count it an honor to know you Mike, Clayton and Jason.
  • Another has spoken with me about his future -- and it looks like its church planting -- but not sure if he's made it public yet.
  • Scary. A youth pastor, turned church planter, said to me over a year ago that if I hang out with church planters too long I'll become one. That is his story.
  • One of my students tried to slam me last night after our youth worship service and my button on my shorts popped off. It was pretty hilarious and slightly embarassing. Anyone sew here? Ha.
  • Had a great time hanging with a friend at Dunkin Donuts last night. We scored some free food there. Haven't eaten at Dunkin in a long time. Who knew they served pizza now? I thought I was in the twilight zone.
  • Showed this video prior to our youth service last night. That junk is funny!
  • Got to see Star Trek on Friday. It was really good.
  • Ok, I'm out.
  • Beam me up Scotty.
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