Fan Favorites

What is the best blog post you've read in the last 30 days?   Share in the comments the links to these posts so we can all be inspired and challenged.

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3 Responses to “Fan Favorites”

  1. # Blogger missmotorcade

    funny you ask! actually, my fave is one i read today by Jessica Gottlieb - she's fabulous.

    Today's Post: Apparently I Am a Feminist - Girls Have a Little Respect - Jessica addresses the inappropriate behavior running rampant in the tech world (Tuesdays are "Tech Tuesdays" for Jessica). I don't want to ruin it - she's such a great writer. Just read it here:  

  2. # Blogger Jason

    Hmm...there's so many good ones, but this one is fantastic!  

  3. # Blogger BCSM

    This site is for wives of youth pastors! I LOVE it! Great honest conversations!  

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