10 Days

Yesterday I blogged about my 90 days of focused prayer.  Today was pretty special because our staff was invited by another church, Harbor Pointe Community, to join them for prayer. I really had no clue of the specifics of the meet-up until I arrived on site. The lead pastor & staff of Harbor Pointe called their church to 10 days of focused prayer and as the pastor put it today "we wanted to have focused prayer for churches in our area during this 10 days." Each day they invite the staff from a different church to come and pray. Wow.  Talk about a kingdom mindset.  This is what I am ALL about.  Tom Andrews (lead pastor) and the staff & Harbor Pointe encouraged our staff so much today. There was scripture reading, communion, prayer for each staff member and before it was over we were singing.

Oh, and one pastor, whose church was scheduled for tomorrow's prayer meeting, came today. When the the lead pastor asked him if his intention was to come today in lieu of tomorrow's meet-up he replied, "No, actually I wanted to pray for another church.  I'll be back tomorrow."

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