American Idol: Final Thoughts

I just finished watching the last round of American Idol, season 8. Last week GOKEY went home. Gokey was my pick to win from the beginning, so needless to say I was a little disappointed when he didn't make it through. I must say that these two finalists, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert have done extremely well this season. Adam is clearly a well-seasoned performer and Kris has been improving a little more each and every time he has performed and the grassroots effort (by his fans) to help him earn the title of American Idol is unprecedented.

I actually spent about 30 minutes on a Kris Allen fan site last week after the show went off-air and was nervous because I could hear the fan train literally pushing Allen ahead of Gokey. Then I noticed that only Lambert and Allen were mentioned on Twitter trends and I knew that Danny would be packing his bags.

I honestly don't know who will take this. I think its anybody's game. Adam has got an incredible vocal range but every song is starting to sound the same to me. Kris, on the other hand, has pulled a few performances (like last week's rendition of Kanye West's song Heartless) that has blown me away but his fate is totally in the hands of Danny Gokey's fans.

I have been ready to predict Adam Lambert as the winner here after Gokey left the show but I can see Danny Gokey's fans voting for Kris Allen over Adam Lambert. Ok... I'm signing off so I can cast my vote. Who will be the next American Idol? We'll find out tomorrow night. Drop me some comments and let me know your thoughts.

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2 Responses to “American Idol: Final Thoughts”

  1. # Anonymous Stephen Bateman

    That's a really interesting perspective, I like the idea that Gokeyians might side with Kris Allen in style and approachability.

    P.S. We all know that Adam Lambert can hit *that* note. move along kids, it's just a note.  

  2. # Blogger Rob

    Kris all the way!  

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