Faith on the Rise

Editor's Note: This not a post about prosperity prayers but rather a personal (and candid) snapshot of my faith on the rise and true accounts from the last 90 days of my life as well as an anticipation of whats to come.

A good friend challenged me a while back to spend 90 days in focused prayer. I must be honest, I find prayer difficult at times so I wasn't exactly "thrilled" when he encouraged me to do this. Prayer is hard work ... and sometimes its even boring. Yea, I said it. With that said I must also say that I believe its key to communion with God and I've seen prayer work in my life - over and over again.

I know MYSELF so well that I knew I would have to do little things to help me focus during the 90 days. One of the things I did was just changing my wallpaper to a simple nine-zero. You may recall this from a previous post. Ironically, it didn't help me much. Boy, the enemy is slick right? My eyes would blow right past it each and every time I would start up my computer, never seeing the nine-zero. Of course, this could explain it also. Perhaps its not the enemy's fault?

I'm not a person who neglects to ask God for things for myself, but sometimes I don't ask him as much as I probably should. Bottom line: I just don't pray enough. I truly believe God is the giver of all good things and wants to give us (his children) lots of things, sometimes we just need to simply ASK.

I have a good friend who has always been an inspiration to me. I believe he prays about EVERYTHING. One day he told me that he had been needing a pair of shoes for a few weeks. He went to the stores and perused through the stock, priced them and just ... prayed about it. He knew which pair he wanted but never bought them. One day within a matter of two weeks a knock came to his door and there were the shoes! The exact shoes he wanted. WOW. My faith has so increased just listening to him. I never believed I could experience the same things he did. Perhaps my faith was just too small?

Yesterday my faith rose.

I've been needing a washer & dryer for my new home and haven't had the extra money to buy a set. Sure, I've checked out Craigslist ... garage sales...etc., but nothing seemed right. In fact, I just felt like I didn't need to take action in this case (yes, I believe God wants us to put feet to our prayers in many cases). I really felt like he wanted to give me a washer & dryer. In fact, I put a post on Craigslist that read something like "I'm looking for a FREE? washer & dryer. Preferably one in great condition." Funny huh? Well, yesterday I was a little frustrated. I was at the point where I started to feel the desperation kick in. Know that feeling? For the first time I really voiced a simple prayer to God "Ok, God. I really need a washer & dryer. Could you please provide for me?" Within a few hours my phone rang. It was a family member of mine calling to say they were at a store picking out a new washer & dryer for me and needed my address for shipping. What a miracle! God is so good. (Editor's Note: I'll be smelling better before long.)

I'm anticipating another miracle. I want to take students to Charleston, South Carolina this summer to minister in urban communities and we need money. In fact, we really need to raise $3,000 in 3 weeks in order for this mission to even happen. Thats not all. Truth is, our entire church is anticipating a miracle. We've been meeting in an elementary school for years and our members feel God is calling us to build. Now. We are about to launch a fundraising campaign and need around one million dollars for this project. Gulp.

I'm not sure what you are taking away from this post. I just felt compelled to write it. Hopefully its offered a bit of encouragement for you... or perhaps made your faith rise. I sure hope so. Otherwise, maybe its to help us pray or support us in the area of our financial need. For now, here's to our faith... on the rise!

If you'd like to make a tax-deductible contribution towards our mission this summer, please contact me for further instructions.

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2 Responses to “Faith on the Rise”

  1. # Blogger just.miri

    Great post, TC. I believe something big is going to happen at Crossroads. He can make the miracle happen.

    How do you think I've been able to go to Russia four different time, while working at the Chicken Shack!? He provides in times of need.

    Did I tell you great post?! :)  

  2. # Blogger Wendy

    TCrawford. This is a great post. God gives to us as an expression of His greatness. He is a gracious generous God, not a penny pinching did you do your chores God. He loves you. It may come in forms other then money. Tickets, there are a lot of people that could use their miles for you. Places to stay. Food to eat. God will use the best way to show you His glory. I am looking forward to hear how He does it. Blessings, I am praying for your vision. Remember He prays with us. Blessings Wendy (Godsgirlwkl)  

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