Big News: I Co-Authored Don Miller's Book

Donald Miller's new book "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" is his first release in nearly two years. Anticipation has been high, however, just before press date, the book-world was hit with a surprise. Donald Miller has a co-author, the as yet unknown Terrace Crawford. It is uncommon for Donald to share writing credentials with another author, especially an unknown, but in this case he felt the collaboration made for a better book

"Terrace Crawford added so much critical feedback" Miller said "and added to the text so gracefully that by the time we were done, I felt compelled to let the secret out. Essentially, I had a coauthor." Terrace Crawford had signed a nondisclosure agreement and could not talk about the book, even to close friends or family. On Don's decision to share credit, Terrace Crawford comments:

"Don and I have worked together for a thousand years, or so it seems that long. That's partially how we came up with the title of this project. I'm just glad to finally get some credit. Sure, Don is the pretty face but shine the light on the master-mind. I hope I get my fair share of the royalties."

read the full story by David Archestner [here]

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