#WiBo: James MacDonald

I'll be sharing my notes from #WiBo all this week on the blog. The first I'd like to share is highlights from James MacDonald's talk:

No more bait & switch! Ministry is hard - but its worth it.

  • No more bait & switch when it comes to telling people about the gospel.
  • Ministry is hard... but its so worth it.
  • 2 Timothy 4:9
  • It's lonely to lead.
  • We struggle with loneliness, discomfort, conflict and rejection in ministry.
  • People often reap the benefits of who you are ... and then lament your weaknesses.
  • v. 17 - No one came to his defense but the Lord strengthened him so that the message might be fully proclaimed.
  • Pastors are professional (or should be) forgivers.

  • (( Hand-sketched notes by Joshua Blankenship))

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    2 Responses to “#WiBo: James MacDonald”

    1. # Blogger Rob

      I never saw you at WiBo. Where were you hiding out?  

    2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @Rob - I looked for you too! Someone told me you guys weren't going to be there until the afternoon. Later on I just figured you didn't make it.


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