Whiteboard Sessions Giveaway


PROMOTION EXTENDED! We're extending this promotion until this Thursday, May 13th. Why did we extend the promotion you ask? [Go here to find out]

The Whiteboard Sessions is just days away, and I'm giving away one, FREE registration to one lucky person right here on the blog on Thursday, May 13th! Additionally, the recipient will get FREE hotel accommodations good for a two-night stay at the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach Norfolk Hotel & Conference Center!

The winner of this promotion will also receive a free copy of Carlos Whittaker's new album, Tony Morgan's book Killing Cockroaches and a copy of Innovate Church -- which has a host of contributors, including Jonathan Falwell - one of the speakers at WiBo.

All you have to do is (a) follow me on twitter, (b) TWEET about this contest (with a link to this post) and (c) leave a comment in this post with a link to your tweet. It's just that simple. We'll be choosing a winner at random, using Random.org, on Thursday, May 13th at 5.00PM eastern.

Don't forget to check back on this Thursday to see if you've won!

*Please note the guidelines before entering.

Official Guidelines:
*The sponsor of this promotion\contest is
*The promotion will begin immediately and will end at 5:00pm Eastern on Thursday, May 13th, 2010

* The winner is responsible for contacting the sponsor (Terrace Crawford) after promotion ends and the winner is announced within 7 days to claim prize.
*To enter the promotion, the entrant must have a valid twitter account and follow @terracecrawford. The entrant must also tweet about the contest (or promotion) at least once and must comment here on the blog with a link to their tweet.
*One winner will be chosen by the sponsor at random (using Random.org). Sponsor will post the winner's name to this post. If the winner does not respond within seven(7) days, he or she will forfeit the prize.
*No purchase is necessary to enter or win. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Employees of Sponsor and family members of such employees are not eligible to enter. By participating in this promotion, entrants agree to release and hold harmless sponsor(s) from any claim or cause of action arising out of participation in the promotion.

We appreciate any tweeting about this contest! Good luck to all who enter.

Here's a sample tweet: @terracecrawford is giving away a FREE ticket to #WiBo but that's not all! click here: http://bit.ly/aQdlDz

More info on The Whiteboard Sessions [here]
Is Your Name on the Bloggers @ the Beach list? [here]

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43 Responses to “Whiteboard Sessions Giveaway”

  1. # Anonymous Cuatro Nelson

    I'm going too if I win! http://bit.ly/duQtiA  

  2. # Anonymous amanda hineslee

    i wanna gooo

  3. # Anonymous Tim Madden

    thanks for this, terrace. you got me on twitter.

  4. # Blogger evan


  5. # Anonymous Kyle Reed

    I am in.
    I already follow you on twitter and I tweeted it out: kylelreed

    Hope I win  

  6. # Blogger carl


  7. # Anonymous boyd bettis

    you could just give me the ticket so I can come...hehe

    @terracecrawford is giving away a FREE ticket to #WiBo but that's not all! click here: http://bit.ly/aQdlDz  

  8. # Blogger Clay

    Done Did...


  9. # Blogger Imagine

    I would love to go. I have always wanted to hear Perry Noble speak and Carlos Whitaker is coming to Charleston.


  10. # Blogger Nic Burleson


  11. # Anonymous James Reardon


    I hope that I get Carlos' CD and the books.
    If random.org chooses me, I can't make it to the WIBO sessions in VA :(  

  12. # Anonymous Brad Zimmerman

    I would love to come hang out!


  13. # Anonymous Mark Cox

    All I have to say is that Terrace Crawford is the stinkin' man.


  14. # Anonymous sebren

    Love what you are doing. I have given the tweet out!

  15. # Blogger Charlie

    Thanks for this opportunity, Terrace! I've already been following you on twitter, and I'm late to this party: http://twitter.com/charphar/status/13815252275  

  16. # Blogger Brian Ayers


  17. # Blogger Makeda

    This is very generous of you. Thank you for the opportunity


  18. # Blogger Chris Saulnier

    I wanna go. I have gotten to email and mail back and forth with Ben Arment over the last few years. I would love to attend. Just sayin.  

  19. # Anonymous phil


  20. # Anonymous Jordan Wiseman

    I want to go! It would be so awesome if I won! http://twitter.com/jordanwiseman/status/13856334589  

  21. # Anonymous Matt Archer

    please, please, PLEASE let me be your random winner! http://bit.ly/aqoeLV  

  22. # Blogger Gene & Linnea

    Here's my comment and link. I thinks this would totally rock to attend. https://twitter.com/Simonalle  

  23. # Blogger Ambassador Youth Ministries

    Yeah, this thing sounds pretty sweet!


  24. # Anonymous Robyn


  25. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hook a broke brotha up!

  26. # Anonymous Leigh Bennett

    I wanna go!

  27. # Blogger Deanna Slamans

    would love to attend! I'm a housemother at the Milton Hershey School. My husband and I along with our two kids live with 13 high school boys whom we minister to. It's a fun, tiring and fulfilling job!


  28. # Anonymous Tim Schraeder

    MEEE! I'll take good notes. Promise. And that would be a win for everyone!


  29. # Anonymous Joan Ball

    Hoping to win a free hotel room at WIBO through @terrencecrawford Whiteboard Sessions Giveaway http://ow.ly/1KnDp  

  30. # Blogger Matinee Maven

    And I'm already off on that day? Sweet! Thanks!


  31. # Anonymous transitonpete

    and there it is...

  32. # Blogger Mike Van Hal

    This would be pretty awesome!

  33. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Not sure how to link to my tweet. Here's m Twitter account link though: http://twitter.com/AOtheWorshipGuy this looks like a great event!  

  34. # Blogger the J in PJs Til Noon

    Dude!!!! I'm close by (West Point VA) but I'd still love to go! Nice getaway for me... http://twitter.com/jennybekrocks/status/13889817067  

  35. # Blogger jwilliams

    hope this is right-- twitter.com/jbwilliams273  

  36. # Blogger Craig Dale


  37. # Blogger Dean Craig

    this sounds great... pick me!

  38. # Anonymous Randy Smith

    Looking forward to Inspiration at #Wibo
    Hope I win!

  39. # Blogger Pastor Adam

    I have been avoiding Twiter not wanting to get on board (already have Facebook and what not) but this contest is 2 good 2 pass up!

  40. # Blogger samwise

    grateful for your good work! blessings!  

  41. # Blogger Fitz

    Hook me up!


  42. # Blogger Terrace Crawford



  43. # Blogger Terrace Crawford


    Winner announced in this post. Congrats to entrant #30, Brandy Anderson of Virginia.



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