Bloggers @ The Beach! #WiBo

Whiteboard is coming to Va Beach... and I'm looking forward to networking with fellow bloggers and readers at this world-class conference. I recently tweeted and asked who was coming to the area. Here's a list of bloggers who indicated that they will be at Whiteboard:

Ben ArmentTerrace CrawfordDave Daniels
Ainsley ArmentKimberly DanielsTony Morgan
Jason Bedell Perry NobleRob Edwards
Aaron Dininny Rob ShepherdTim Liu
Tony McCollumKate DininnyJanet Oberholtzer
Carlos WhittakerJames McDonaldAlbert Mohler
Ben Komanapalli JrNate HoganYOU
Your MomYour StaffJustin Bieber

I look forward to connecting with each of you.

Did I not mention you? Leave me your name and blog URL and I'll add you to the list!

To register for WiBo, click here.

(Editor's Note: Here's looking at YOU, Catalyst One Day... Bring yourself to Va Beach!)

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