There's No Place Like Home.

The university I graduated from gave me numerous reasons to love her while I was there studying, but now that I am an alum of the school I often wonder why they really want to invest in me now? It's because they care.

I'll never forget getting a call from one of my professors in the fall of 2008 (yes, a phone call!) telling me about a retreat-weekend they were putting together for alumni of the youth ministry program. I was floored! "Wait a minute... you are putting together an all expenses paid retreat for alumni?" I asked.

Months later (Spring of 2009) I was standing on the campus surrounded by fellow alumni of the program. We enjoyed seeking God and sharing life together that weekend, which was priceless in itself, but I would have driven those 8 or 9 hours just to spend time with my professors -- my mentors -- because they poured themselves so deeply into my life while I was a student of theirs, and I was eternally grateful they wanted to continue that relationship even after I had graduated from their program.

The next fall the same thing happened all over again.
The phone call - the weekend - the spiritual renewal I so much needed.
And their doing it again.

I recently told the chancellor of Columbia International University that I'd be willing to pay my tuition all over again for what I've received at CIU. It's home to me... and there's no place like home.

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  1. # Blogger Rob

    That's really cool. I just went back to LU for Youth Emphasis Week. It was great to see former profs.  

  2. # Blogger 6565
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