Confession: I'm a Bit of Drinker.

I'm a bit of a drinker. I can't seem to break the addiction of sodas. (No, not alcohol silly!) My favorite soda of choice is Coca-Cola. It's like a deep-burn going down... which I'm sure does a body good.
I've made verbal commitments to myself to quit...
It's been one of my new year's resolutions for years...
... but I look at my delicious soda and say "I can't quit you!"
Until now.
I've found a new product at Walmart that I love. It's Clear, Sparkling, Key Lime Water. I hate regular tap water... and I've tried flavored water before but I've never (repeat, NEVER) liked them. Perhaps I like this because of the carbonated water? A little Aspartame? (yea, we'll get to that in a second...) Regardless, it's GOOD. It reminds me of a Sprite... but better. I found a bottle of it in our kitchen at church and drank some and then went to Walmart and bought five 2-liter bottles of it! (By the way, whoever left that bottle in the kitchen I probably owe you lunch.)
I was a little sad to see it contained Aspartame. It was like a beautiful letdown because I've heard all the negative hype over it. I've even started researching the sweetner online and have read the 92 dangerous adverse reactions it could have on your body. I'm not convinced it's that bad... but I'm willing to drink it until my doctor says that I should stop. At least for now it has caused a MAJOR decrease in my soda intake.
So, here's to a leaner, trimmer bod! By the way, I've made a few other changes to my diet and lifestyle that I'm really digging right now. I'll share those in future posts.
Any new finds that you might recommend to me?

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2 Responses to “Confession: I'm a Bit of Drinker.”

  1. # Blogger Rev. Joseph, Randi, Rachel & Rebekah Gormong

    I was a Mt Dewaholic. That seems to be the drink of choice, but really any coke or pepsi product would do! January 1, I decided to give pop a break and have not drank one since. I drink crystal light, Sobe Life Water (my favorite flavor is yumberry pomegranate)

    I first of the year got a membership at anytime fitness. it is open 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. They have staffed hours, but you can get into the place with your key at anytime. it is NEVER closed.  

  2. # Anonymous Lauren

    I like to make crystal light with soda water. Also, it's not a beverage but along the lines of getting healthier tonight I tried Jennie-O frozen turkey burgers and couldn't believe how good it was! I love Bubba burgers for their easy tastiness but they are pretty fatty, the Jennie-O burgers are a great substitute! Straight from the freezer to the stove, just like Bubba, but healthier! For what it's worth :-)  

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