Check Out My Spiritual Gifts

I take a spiritual gifts assessment once a year -- and typically its when I run across a new profile -- mostly out of sheer curiosity. Earlier today I took one and I thought I'd share my results with you. Here are my my top 5 gifts according to this assessment:
Like my friend, Tony, the gift of speaking in tongues was at the bottom of my list.
So whats your top 5?

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6 Responses to “Check Out My Spiritual Gifts”

  1. # Blogger Josh Boyer

    1. Evangelism
    2. Missionary
    3. Shepherd
    4. Apostle
    5. Service  

  2. # Blogger Shijun Lin
  3. # Blogger chenlina
  4. # Blogger chenlina
  5. # Blogger Nike Free
  6. # Blogger dalia
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