Announcement from Whiteboard...

Got to play with a new SMART board today. This interactive whiteboard is really cool and cost way to much for a guy who doesn't have a budget to work with... but I had fun writing this important message to you with my fingertips.
Learn more about The Whiteboard Sessions coming to Va Beach [here].

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6 Responses to “Announcement from Whiteboard...”

  1. # Blogger Kyle Reed

    When I was a teacher last year I had a smart board, it was pretty cool.  

  2. # Blogger Dave Daniels

    Wow!!! That thing actually works?!? First time I have seen it well, working!!  

  3. # Blogger Rob

    Very nice.  

  4. # Blogger Jen

    We've got the old-fashioned, non-electronic kind...we can afford those.  

  5. # Blogger Mr. Stupid

    Wow. That's good. I guess, I had seen one during a lecture. But not sure if it was the same thing!  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

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