Guest Blogger: Tim Schmoyer

Tim Schmoyer has one of the best blogs about youth ministry that you'll likely find on the internet. He & I have been friends for several years and have been fortunate enough to hang out a few times over the years even though he resides with his wife (Dana) and daughter (Hannah) in Alexandria, Minnesota -- which I think he's mayor of. (Ha. Thats for all you foursquare folks). Make sure you check out his blog at

10 Summer Youth Group Events for Under $10
1. Water fights with water balloons, super soakers and hoses. This can be a great way to bond and have fun! Once we even gave everyone white t-shirts and used water colored with dye to spray "tie-dye" shirts onto each other. (Shower caps and goggles protect the hair and face and a dark shirt underneath keeps it modest)
2. Photo and video scavenger hunts. There are plenty of lists around the internet of ideas for taking pictures and short video clips around town and your community to compete against other teams, to earn the most amount of points. Afterwards, look at all the pictures and video clips together, determine a winner, and go out for ice cream together. The losing team buys for the winning team.
3. Movie night. You can either hang a sheet on the side of your house, set up a sound system, and project a movie while everyone sits outside, or pile inside your living room and just chill.
4. Picnic or BBQ in the park. Stop by Subway and grab sandwiches or pack a lunch at home. Meet up at a local park, have lunch and then throw a frisbee around or play some volleyball.
5. Camp out overnight in someone's back yard. This can be a great bonding experience! Pitch a couple of tents, bring a sleeping bag, and sleep outside. If you can do a campfire, great. If not, try cooking smores over a little stove. It's not quite the same, but it's still fun.
6. See who can buy the most number of different things in the mall with $2. If your group is large enough, split up into a couple teams and see who can meet back at a designated time with the most different items for their $2. Require receipts for each item to prove that it was not given to them for free. They'll get creative, like buying a single gummy bear from the ice cream stand, or a small screw for eye glasses, or a foot of wire from the hardware store. When it's all over, buy ice cream for the winning team in the food court.
7. Group bike ride. It sounds corny, but our kids love it! A couple of times each summer a bunch of us spontaneously meet up at a parking lot and ride on a bike trail for an afternoon.
8. Department store reverse scavenger hunt. Form teams at the store and give each team a shopping basket. Give them no more than 5 minutes to select 10 items from the store and meet back at the designated place. Then switch baskets and be the first team to return the other team's items back to their original place. First team to finish wins. (It may be a good idea to check with the store manager first. They're usually cooperative if you talk with them first.)
9. Game night at someone's house. Plan out a "playlist" or games for the evening, like Four On A Couch, King Frog, and Twister. Find other good game ideas at
10. Mow and clean up your Sr. Pastor's yard. Of course you'll want to get permission from your pastor first, but do it just to bless them and thank them for their service to the Lord and their support for the youth ministry. But don't stop there - also serve other people in your church in whatever ways will bless them most.
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40 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Tim Schmoyer”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    excellent post man. i did one similarly a few months back!
    We do a 'dollar days' ministry event week... the church absorbs a lot of the cost but we do all of what you suggested but in a week.  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ypguybrit - i like it...


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