Amputee Rap

Last week in the audience of the camp I was speaking at sat the sister of Paralympic Ski Racer, Josh Sundquist. I didn't know this until the end of the week when she introduced herself to me and told me that her brother was a motivational speaker who was pretty famous. I quickly (and jokingly) replied, "Is his name Matt Foley?" Bad joke. [crickets] Later I met her father who told me all about his son (Josh) and his remarkable story. It was great getting to meet such cool folks and hear how God has yet again taken something bad and used it for His good.

Check out Josh's site and hear his story for yourself. Show him some love while you're there.

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3 Responses to “Amputee Rap”

  1. # Blogger AngelAmidala

    Awesome! I've read some of his short devotionals in the Daily Guideposts book over the last several years. I find his words to be inspiring and I wanted to know more about the ministry work he does. Now I can! :)

    Blessings to you!  

  2. # Anonymous Melissa

    I think this is a great story! I find this young man very inspiring. It really makes one look at their own life and see where this guy came from and compare to where we are in life and our accomplishments. It's really motivating to see this story, and encouraging to keep going!  

  3. # Anonymous Adam C. Erickson

    I actually shot some video for him a few years ago. Really cool guy with an awesome story!  

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