Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

This is the Manic Monday Minute...
  • Spoke in Southwest Virginia this past weekend.
  • It was a short stint in the mountains but a good one.
  • I met a young man who was booked to sing in the weekend services. I thought his voice was a dead-ringer for Josh Groban. I asked him to sing "You Raise Me Up..." He nailed it!
  • Our family has been celebrating the end of my mother's cancer treatments. However, mom has been battling an infection over the last week. Please pray with us for healing.
  • I'm hooked on the show Big Brother.
  • It only comes on one time each year...
  • Why is it that the best shows get canceled or only come on once a year?
  • A number of the nominees at the Emmys on Sunday evening were shows that have been canceled.
  • I still haven't seen Toy Story 3, Shrek or Inception... Been too busy. I think I just made my Labor Day plans - that is, if they are still in theatres?
  • So we have a hurricane coming our way. Here's the current track...
  • Saw this video this week and can't stop laughing at the voiceover.
  • A friend of mine texted me Sunday morning and said her little boy asked for Chicken McNuggets for breakfast. She couldn't help but laugh...
  • Foursquare just celebrated its 3 millionth user. I'm not one of them...
  • Don't miss the Manic Monday Minute. Get the feed [here].
  • I've had a lot of meetings via Skype this last week. Got to love technology.
  • If you are a youth worker, please chime in here...
  • Had hoped to make Catalyst Atlanta this year. I'm not sure I will due to budget cuts.
  • The line-up is pretty amazing. You can check it out [here]
  • I can never seem to get caught up on email. No matter how hard I try I will never get it zero'd out. =(
  • Apparently I'm not the only one... How's your inbox looking?
  • I thought Pete Wilson was joking when he said he knew Taylor Swift. Apparently not.
  • Looking forward to the weekend. Hope to enjoy a little R&R on Labor Day...
  • Thanks for spending a minute with me.


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  1. # Blogger Rob

    prayed for your mom. Hope all is well with you. Lunch?  

  2. # Blogger Shijun Lin
  3. # Blogger chenlina
  4. # Blogger Nike Free
  5. # Blogger chenlina
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