Give The Gift of SAFE WATER For My Birthday!

I'm celebrating my 33rd Birthday today! For my big day I'm asking for something unusual. If you're considering giving me something of monetary value would you give me WATER please?

There is a SAFE WATER crisis.
People are literally dying because they don't have safe water to drink.

Scores of lives are at stake.
The reality is that it takes very little to solve the problem.

So I'm partnering with
Water Missions International to solve this problem and I want YOUR help.
Did you know that if you donate just $10.00 you can provide safe drinking water for one person who needs it? That is ONE life spared!!!
Join my team by simply going [here] and donating $10 dollars.
I hope to get at least 33 people on my team today in celebration of my 33 years.
So please, go [here]. Make a donation. Then come back and feel free to leave a comment to let me know you've given the gift of safe water. Thanks for celebrating my BIG day with me.

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  1. # Blogger Martha

    I heard on the radio today that in Fiji (where they bottle Fiji water) less than half of the population has access to clean water. The exact clean water that we get at 7-11. thousands of miles away. That blew my mind! This is an important issue.  

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