I May Be Going to Jail...

On November 1st I may be put in jail... unless I can raise enough bail from family and friends to keep me out.
I currently have the privilege of serving on the board of directors of Recovery for Life. This ministry is a faith-based program designed to help people with addictions. People with drug & alcohol, sex, and even food addictions, among many others, have found hope and healing through this organization. I have witnessed the life-change firsthand.
Two years ago I spent an entire summer serving in their program for teens. Yes, they even have programs for teens (and children!) to teach them how to cope and break the cycle. It's a remarkable ministry... doing a remarkable work... but it takes money to keep a ministry like this going. So the board of directors (which includes yours truly!) may be jailed if we don't raise enough funds (individually) by November 1st - which by my calendar is this Monday! (Yikes)
Would you consider giving $10, $2o or even $50 to help me post bail? Not only will you make me happy but you will literally make a difference in hundreds of lives. If you can contribute at this time, please drop me an email with your pledge amount and I'll get an invoice to you. Otherwise, make an instant impact on the secure website [here] - just indicate my name when you donate. All the funds raised (bail money) will go to the charity, Recovery for Life.
Feel free to leave a comment on this post with the amount of your pledge (unless you'd like to remain anonymous) so I can thank you also!
On behalf of the board of Recovery for Life, we thank you for your support and generosity!
*Please note* This is a fundraiser for the ministry of Recovery for Life.

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