How to Become a Scout for

As editor for I'm constantly on the lookout for the best content on the web. I'm also looking for voluntary partners who want to help other church leaders. That's where you come in.
If you like the idea of helping other church leaders and you feel you can contribute to our site, I highly encourage you to join my wonderful team of scouts!
What is a scout? I'm glad you asked.
A scout is someone that wants to voluntarily partner with us by contributing their insights, creative ministry ideas and resources with leaders worldwide.
If you are interested in becoming a scout here's our simple process:
1) Send me an email with your name, twitter name (if you have one), and tell me a little about yourself.
2) I'll send you a reply.
3) You'll begin looking out for content -- videos, blog posts, potential bloggers, feature articles, etc.
4) You'll send content my way and if we post you'll get credit (in the form of a link to your site or twitter).
5) You will get the satisfaction of knowing you're among other scouts who are resourcing and equipping other church leaders, and also have the chance to win a free resource each week (if you are a contributor).
So, want to join our team of scouts? Send me an email.

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