Me & Internet Dating

Ok -- so I'm single. I'll put that out there. One of the things I don't like about being single is that you have people playing matchmaker with you.
Some have suggested I try internet dating sites. You know, eHarmony... and so forth. Even though I know a few people (personally) that these have worked well for, I'm just not so sure its for me.
I ran across a few other dating sites in the past week though that I can pretty safely say you'll never find me on. Check these out:
Purrsonals - a site where you can meet and greet other cat lovers. I'm known for my sparkling personality... not my purrsonality.
Farmers Only - I may have grown up in farmer's territory, but I don't care to date one. Shoot, I don't even play Farmville on Facebook.

... and last, but not least, Women Behind Bars - a great place to connect with those incarcerated.

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4 Responses to “Me & Internet Dating”

  1. # Blogger Rob

    You should start a internet dating site for youth pastors. Think about it.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    As a Christion, your options are limited! I am working on a dating book now, and non Christians have more options. I will pray now for a devine appointment. Tim  

  3. # Blogger Imagine

    I'm go totally the same way. I have friends encouraging all the time to just date for fun or even try Christian Cafe. That's not how I am. I'd rather let God take care of it than me mess with it.  

  4. # Blogger The Cupcake Queen

    just came across your blog and already love it. this post is brilliant. i too am single and have not quite decided if internet dating is for me....however, i haven't tried looking for incarcerated men. maybe that's the answer?!? :)  

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