Do You Need VISION for Your Life?

I'm constantly thinking about my future. And sometimes I am overcome by fear. Often I share the same fear Tony does, that I'm just spinning my wheels in directions that don't really matter. Can you relate? Holla if you hear me.
One thing is for sure: I want my life to count... and I want a clear vision of how my life can best be used up for God's purposes.
Enter Chazown.
Craig Groeschel and the great folks at have created the Chazown experience.
It's a website that will help you look at your life and process through your experiences, strengths, and gifts in a way that will help you get a clearer picture of what the vision of your life should be.
So, today I'm going to log-on and start going through this process. I'll answer questions, spend time in prayer, dream, and complete the program. Hopefully in the end I'll have a better picture of things and I can start to put skin on my next steps. Anyone game to join me?

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  1. # Blogger Bringin' Geeky Back

    Interesting timing, I may need to give this a whirl.  

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