Don't Read This...

... unless you want to be challenged.
How many times TODAY have you turned on your water faucet? I estimate that I've turned on my faucet about 15 times so far today.
Now think about the person on the other side of the world who has no faucet.
Then think about the person who doesn't even have safe drinking water.
That's something we can't wrap our minds around. That's something we don't even think about!
So, I challenge you.
The NEXT time you turn on your water faucet... think of that person who is without. Then, I challenge you to do something about it! Go a step further... and donate $10 so that they might have safe drinking water. Donate $10 so that they might have a faucet to turn on.
Go [here] and join me & Water Missions International in providing safe water for those who need it. Join my team and donate $10. You'll be a little more grateful the next time you enjoy your shower... fresh laundry... or glass of drinking water.

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    great blog! i learn few things in this post, thanks for the share.  

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